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Aloha Integrative Therapy was created by Quiara Smith MOT OTR/L, in 2017, in order to share the immense benefits of Holistic and Integrative Occupational Therapy (OT) with the pediatric population in the SF Bay Area. Aloha Integrative Therapy values the holistic view of integrative OT, which includes the wellness of mind, body, and spirit/essence of a child.



 I just wanted to let you know that being a holistic and integrative pediatric Occupational Therapist is the BEST job in the world! I embrace the mind, body, spirit/essence connection and support my clients and their families to working towards balancing all components in their lives through my holistic and integrative OT practice approach. I am a strong believer in the mantra of OT, which is “Living Life to It’s Fullest”. I am a therapist, a guide, and a coach, whose primary goal is to empower my clients and their families to live their lives in the most purposeful, meaningful, holistic, and blissful ways through my service.


I have been practicing as an OT for 10 years in both California and in Hawaii. I have worked in a variety of settings such as hospitals (children+adults), schools, an equine center providing hippotherapy, and various outpatient clinics. I have pediatric experience providing OT evaluation, treatment planning, and skilled interventions to infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents with disorders that affect development of motor skills and behavioral skills within the professional scope of OT practice.I have taught yoga to children in groups and individually, in order to assist with improvements in motor planning skills, self regulation, body awareness, and aiming to improve muscle strength and joint range of motion. I also have a passion in assisting children and adolescents who experience pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction (i.e urinary incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain, encopresis, toileting difficulties). I have an amazing working partnership with my canine assistant/fur therapist, Nelly, and we are able to provide canine intervention therapy/animal assisted therapy to assist my clients with reaching their OT goals in a playful way. I look forward to working with you soon!


With gratitude and light,

Quiara Smith MOT OTR/L

Quiara’s Degrees/Trainings/Certifications


Bachelor of Arts in Sports Medicine

University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA (May 2006)


Master of Occupational Therapy

Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, CA (December 2009)


YogaEd Teacher Training

Certified Yoga teacher to instructed K-8th grade children (July 2013)


YogaEd Teacher Training

Certified Yoga teacher to instructed 9th-12th grade children (September 2014)


Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) Practitioner Certification

(August 2015)


SOS Feeding Approach Workshop/Certification

(December 2015)


Professional Biofeedback Certification Course

(December 2016-January 2017)


AHA Level I Hippotherapy Certification

(April 2016)


Bergin University of Canine Studies

Facility dog training in order utilize Canine Intervention Therapy/Animal Assisted Therapy Intervention in Occupational Therapy clinical practice (April-May 2017)

"We credit Quiara for enabling us to successfully use the strategies to keep our daughter feeling balanced and her behavior in check, which has allowed her to thrive in all aspects of life. The transformation has changed our lives and significantly increased our overall happiness as a family. We will forever be grateful for Quiara's advice and support and highly recommend her services to anyone seeking occupational therapy for their child.” - Terence and Allison

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