Occupational Therapy Services

Initial Visit/Screening
New client screening is a brief informal look to determine if your child would benefit from comprehensive OT evaluation and treatment interventions. Screening includes 1 hour consultation with you and your child, review of previous reports/testing, written notes, and a brief discussion of professional OT impressions and recommendations for ongoing services.

Comprehensive Evaluation 
OT evaluation, provided by a registered and licensed Holistic and Integrative Pediatric Occupational Therapist, that is 1 to 1 1/2 hours in duration that consists of clinical observation, parent interview, review of chart, and standardized testing (if appropriate). This OT evaluation will assess a child’s current abilities across areas such as: fine motor skills, visual motor integration skills, self care skills, self regulations skills, and sensory processing skills.*Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Evaluation-same service fee* A report is included with OT professional impressions, recommendations, development of a home program, and OT related goals. An ICD-10 code can be included in the report for insurance purposes prior to OT evaluation as requested. This ICD-10 code diagnosis is provided by your child’s pediatrician or health care provider.

Comprehensive Re-Evaluation 
*Existing clients* 45 minutes- 1 hour in duration. An assessment of changes in client’s functional or medical status with revised plan of care;

● An update to the initial occupational profile to reflect changes in condition or environment that affect future interventions and/or goals; and

● A revised plan of care. A formal reevaluation is performed when there is a documented change in functional status or a significant change to the plan of care is required. 

Individual OT Treatment Session in Clinic 
OT treatment session,1 hour in duration, provided by a registered and licensed Holistic and Integrative Pediatric Occupational Therapist that may consist of: sensory gross motor activities (for self regulation, sensory processing, strength/endurance,motor planning/motor coordination and body awareness), fine motor activities, self care task training, animal assisted therapy (AAT with certified therapy dog), therapeutic yoga, mindfulness practice, aromatherapy, and creative expression activities. Last 10 minutes of the session are dedicated to parent questions, review, and notes. 

Home and School Visits  
Home and school visits are conducted with family members and/or school staff. OT will work directly with the child and adults in these settings to educate and train on OT home/school program strategies/activities to assist with the child’s needs in the areas specific to OT goals. Travel time is included. *Animal assisted therapy(AAT) in the school setting may not be appropriate for individual treatment sessions, if requested by parent, AAT needs pre-authorization from school administration.

OT Consultation 
Parents may request dedicated time and discussion about their child, including their services within and outside of the clinic, IEP support for OT needs,home program development, and/or fine motor/sensory processing/self care/pelvic floor dysfunction questions. Office visits may also include 1:1 work with the child to address specific skills or concerns. 

"We credit Quiara for enabling us to successfully use the strategies to keep our daughter feeling balanced and her behavior in check, which has allowed her to thrive in all aspects of life. The transformation has changed our lives and significantly increased our overall happiness as a family. We will forever be grateful for Quiara's advice and support and highly recommend her services to anyone seeking occupational therapy for their child.” - Terence and Allison

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