Pediatric Pelvic Floor

Yoga week

July 11, 13 and 15th 2022

In one week of free classes, learn all about Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practices for your pediatric patients with toileting challenges.

Join me in changing the world of pelvic health for kids!

Over the last few years I learned how my work as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist has a way of changing the world of child development and pelvic health for kids.

With the holistic and integrative approaches that I use in my practice, I help children and their families find alternatives to the traditional medicated approaches to bowel and bladder iasues.

My approach to pediatric pelvic health issues is an amazing way of tranforming the lives of children who are struggling with toileting challenges.

During the Pediatric Pelvic Floor Yoga Week. I will teach you some of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practices that I use with live demonstrations and examples of simple play-based therapeutic exercises, that you can start using right away with your clients.

Day 1

The importance of CAM Practices and the fundamentals of yoga that you can use as a therapist.

Day 2

Your therapeutic tool box. Practical examples and exercises that will tranform your life and the lives of your clients.

Day 3

A complete yoga class where you will learn how the different movements can be used to treat pediatric toileting issues.

Hi, I’m Quiara Smith

I have been practicing as an Occupational Therapist for over 12 years and I’m the creator of the course Holistic and Integrative Approaches to Pediatric Pelvic Health .

I was first introduced to pediatric pelvic floor therapy in my job as an outpatient pediatric OT at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford.

I worked in various settings including hospitals, schools, an equine center providing hippotherapy as a treatment tool and outpatient clinics. My pediatric experience encompasses serving infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents with various medical conditions and diagnoses.

Realizing the social, emotional, and psychological challenges that pelvic floor dysfunction places on children and families, I decided to niche down my private practice to exclusively treating children and adolescents with pelvic floor dysfunction and toileting challenges. I utilize a holistic and integrative approach to pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction.