Aloha Integrative Therapy

Pediatric Pelvic Health Occupational Therapy

“Guiding Children to Achieve Continence with Confidence.”

Does your child…

Struggle to keep their underwear clean and dry?

Feel embarrassed because they still wet the bed at night?

Feel fearful or anxious about letting poop or pee out in the toilet?

Have sensory differences that are affecting their toileting skills, like not being able to feel the urge to pee or poop?

Seem to show “readiness signs” of starting the potty learning process, but you don’t know what the best “method” to use is?

Do you want your child…

To be able to go to the bathroom on their own at school/daycare, home, and out in the community without needing constant reminders?

To stop using medication as the only way to manage their constipation?

To stop having to wear a pull-ups and be able to wear clean dry underwear confidently?

To be able to participate in fun social activities like play dates, sleep-overs, and sports, dance, and other activities without worrying about having leaks?

To be happy, confident and continent?


(“HELP” in Hawaiian)

Here at Aloha Integrative Therapy (AIT), we know how frustrated, overwhelmed, and worried you are about your child’s struggle with achieving continence. We understand your exhausting experience, filled with lack of accessible real help, and societal pressures on you to make sure your child is continent of pee and poop by a certain age. 

We are here to hold space for all those feelings and guide you and your child into  achieving continence with confidence. We want you to know that there are alternatives to treatment besides the “Just wait and see.” Or “They’ll outgrow it.” Or even “Give them more “xyz” medication and see me in 4-6 months.” 

At AIT, we are here to find the root cause of your child’s struggle with bowel and bladder dysfunction and address it with a holistic and integrative approach. We offer individual therapy sessions and pediatric pelvic health parent coaching sessions both in-person and telehealth.



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Start on your child and family’s transformation to continence with confidence.