For Children

Individual OT sessions

Your child will receive individual 1:1 sessions beginning with a Comprehensive OT evaluation, followed by weekly/bi-weekly, 1:1 OT treatment sessions (typically for 6-12+weeks depending on the needs of your child and the progress he/she makes with the plan of care) that are a total of 60 minutes in duration. These sessions are provided by a registered and licensed OT with a focus on providing Holistic and Integrative approaches to pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction and difficulties with toileting skills. Interventions may include a review of bowel and bladder management habits, play-based therapeutic pelvic floor exercises, self-care task training with a focus on toileting, animal-assisted therapy (with a certified facility therapy dog), therapeutic yoga, biofeedback, social stories with toileting and self-care as a theme, mindfulness practice, sensory processing interventions, and aromatherapy as indicated by each child’s individualized OT goals. The last 10 minutes of each session is dedicated to parent/caregiver questions, plan of care and/or home program review, and documentation. These sessions are available in-person at our clinic in Santa Rosa,CA and telehealth.

Pediatric Pelvic Health Coaching

You will participate in pediatric pelvic health parent coaching sessions that last 60 minutes in duration where you will receive education on how to support pelvic health in your child, identify potential causes of your child’s bowel and bladder challenges and implement strategies that may support your child and your family to improve your child’s overall pelvic health and well-being. We will also assist you in finding local pediatric pelvic health specialists in your geographical area as appropriate, and provide recommendations about other healthcare specialists that maybe able to help your child with various areas of need, that come up in our explorative work together.  These sessions are available in-person at our clinic in Santa Rosa,CA and telehealth.