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Aloha Integrative Therapy was created by Quiara Smith MOT OTR/L, in 2017, in order to share the immense benefits of Holistic and Integrative Occupational Therapy (OT) with the pediatric population in the SF Bay Area. Aloha Integrative Therapy values the holistic view of integrative OT, which includes the wellness of mind, body, and spirit/essence of a child.


Aloha Integrative Therapy, is a specialty pediatric pelvic health OT private practice, that helps children and families, achieve independence in bowel and bladder function with a holistic and integrative approach.

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Occupational Therapy (PPF OT)

Bowel/bladder dysfunction can often affect various life activities such as school, social/leisure events, and sporting activities in young children to adolescents. These difficulties often times may cause social emotional/psychosocial challenges in the child and with their family members.

The pelvic floor (muscles which span the bottom of the pelvis) provides support for our internal organs and assists in urinary and fecal continence. Dysfunction can arise when the muscles of the pelvic floor do not perform in their optimal fashion. Various forms of dysfunction and physical symptoms can result from pelvic floor muscles that are in spasm, weak, or become uncoordinated. This dysfunction can ultimately persist into adulthood, and thus prompt attention during the childhood years is of great importance.


The PPF OT program at Aloha Integrative Therapy, may benefit children (ages 4 and up) who have any of the following concerns:

• Stress urinary incontinence (loss of urine with sneezing/laughing/coughing/physical activity)

• Bedwetting

• Urge incontinence (strong urge to urinate with the inability to make it to the bathroom in time)

• Urinary frequency or urgency/retention

• Frequent bladder infections/UTIs

• Chronic Constipation

• Abdominal pain/gas/bloating

• Difficulty urinating or fully emptying bowels

• Bowel incontinence (encopresis)

• Painful elimination (bowel or bladder)

• Withholding behaviors of stool and/or urine

• Sensory challenges around toileting (i.e. sound of toilet flushing, smell of bathroom, etc.)

• Pelvic pain/muscle spasm

After the initial evaluation is completed, we will develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses you and your child’s goals. The individualized plan of care for your child may include any or all of the following:

• Pelvic floor muscle activation and/or relaxation

• Biofeedback

• Behavioral and diet modification

• Bladder re-training schedule

• Home exercise program

• Therapeutic Yoga

• Aromatherapy

• Animal assisted therapy activities

"We credit Quiara for enabling us to successfully use the strategies to keep our daughter feeling balanced and her behavior in check, which has allowed her to thrive in all aspects of life. The transformation has changed our lives and significantly increased our overall happiness as a family. We will forever be grateful for Quiara's advice and support and highly recommend her services to anyone seeking occupational therapy for their child.” - Terence and Allison

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