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It’s time to potty train, or at least close to it. Maybe your little one is showing signs of readiness, or maybe they are just starting to show interest. Among the many ways to prepare for potty training, reading books about the potty is an effective activity to familiarize your toddler with the potty and the process surrounding it.

Our expert recommends to start reading potty training books with your child as early as 18-24 months old. Potty training books will not only help engage your toddler with the potty, but help explain why and how to use the potty with fun, relatable characters, your child will love. You can also make your own potty book with your child, using a simple outline of how to use the potty, with a picture of your child acting out each step of the process (we give you a template for this in our class!). From clever rhymes, to fun songs and interactive pages,the books below are not only loved by parents and toddlers alike, but come highly recommended by our potty training expert.

Our Expert Picks: 

Potty by Leslie Patricelli: With the inner dialogue of a toddler that is sure to have your little one shouting out the answers, this book follows a baby who is faced with one question: “Should I go in my potty?”
Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi: The potty training-classic reminds kids everyone —from elephants and bears, to tiny mice— indeed goes number 2.


The Poop Song by Eric Litwin: A silly picture book and sing-a-long that will make you and your little one giggle as it encourages them to use the potty.


Potty: A Mindful How-to Guide for Toddlers and Kids by Andrea Dorn: Written with child psychology in mind, this book walks your child through how to use the potty, step by step as well as helps build mind and body awareness to help them be more mindful through their potty journey.


Slip and Slide Potty Ride by Jennifer Leroux: Written by a mom to help any child through potty-time pouts, this book helps flush troubles away with a fun rhyme to a popular children’s tune.


P is for Potty by Naomi Kleinberg and Christopher Moroney: Sesame Street’s Elmo helps little ones learn to use the potty with a lift and see flap book.


Once Upon a Potty (Girl) by Alona Frankel: Another classic, this book has fun bright pages and an anatomically correct character to match your girl, making the potty training process relatable.


Once Upon a Potty (Boy) By Alona Frankel: Help your boy relate with the anatomically correct character in this classic potty training book, that introduces your son to the potty in a fun, easy to understand way.


The Perfect Potty Zoo: The Funniest ABC Book: What would it look like if animals potty trained? This book walks your child through the ABCs of the potty.


Potty Training Book For Brown Girls: Help your little one see themselves in this book about learning to potty and wearing big-girl undies.


Everybody Potties: Celebrate learning to go potty as you follow animal friends through their own potty training fun and encourage your little one to try something new.


Let’s Go to the Potty!: Help support your toddler with this gentle book that encourages kids to break free from the diaper by showing them what progress will look like. Plus get a little song to help them communicate their needs.


We Poop on the Potty!: Make you and your kid laugh with this book as you teach kids every creature, big and small, poops but where they do it is different from us humans.


I’m A Potty Superhero: Get Ready For Big Boy Pants!Even a superhero needs to use the potty! This book motivates and teaches kids by giving them the confidence to use the potty on their own.


I’m A Potty Superhero: Get Ready For Big Girl Pants!: Show your girl, she’s a superhero too! Follow the superhero in the story to teach your little one how and where to go with positive motivation and fun illustrations on their way to big girl pants.


Daniel’s Potty Time: Daniel Tiger brings little ones along as he learns to use the potty, and introduces a fun new game for them to try when using the potty on their own.


Potty Time! Daniel Tiger Take-alongAgain, Daniel Tiger helps get your toddler ready to potty train. Throughout the story hit the corresponding buttons for fun sound effects and an engaging story that has a handle so it’s easy to bring on the go.


Thomas & Friends – Potty Time with Thomas: This interactive book get little ones excited about using the potty like Thomas and his friends.


Potty training books are not the only way to get your child ready to use the potty on their own. In our new online class, Potty Training: The Stress-Free Guide to Success, we will not only prepare you for what’s ahead, but walk you through the potty training process step by step. Plus, we give you the tools you’ll need to overcome the most common potty training troubles parents face,  giving you and your little one the confidence to potty train with ease.