Episode 67 of Ask Dr Jessica discusses childhood toileting challenges with pediatric occupational therapist  Quiara Smith!  Quiara  is a Stanford trained pediatric OT, and she is passionate about helping children and teens who have trouble with their bathroom habits, wether it be bowel and bladder continence.  Quiara is a wonderful resource for children who are experiencing constipation, bedwetting and other bathroom challenges.  She offers many tips in addition to traditional medical advice, including how to track your child’s natural biorhythms, or how to help strengthen their pelvic floor.  She has an active practice in Northern California, uniquely focused on pediatric bowel and bladder incontinence. You can find Quiara on her website or on her instagram page @alohaintegrativetherapy.  She has an active practice in Northern California and she is available for consultations. She recently created a stress-free potty training course: click here Dr Jessica Hochman is a board certified pediatrician, mom to three children, and she is very passionate about the health and well being of children. Most of her educational videos are targeted towards general pediatric topics and presented in an easy to understand manner. Do you have a future topic you’d like Dr Jessica Hochman to discuss? Email Dr Jessica Hochman askdrjessicamd@gmail.com. Dr Jessica Hochman is also on social media: Follow her on Instagram: @AskDrJessica Subscribe to her YouTube channel! Ask Dr Jessica Subscribe to this podcast: Ask Dr Jessica Subscribe to her mailing list: www.askdrjessicamd.com The information presented in Ask Dr Jessica is for general educational purposes only. She does not diagnose medical conditions or formulate treatment plans for specific individuals. If you have a concern about your child’s health, be sure to call your child’s health care provider.