Episode 20: Potty Learning and Supporting Your Child’s Pelvic Floor Health with Quiara Smith, Pediatric Occupational Therapist of @alohaintegrativetherapy

Join Rachael and guest Quiara Smith as they dive into this much-requested topic and discuss common issues parents face when potty learning- like constipation, poop withholding, bed wetting and more! They also cover Pediatric Pelvic Health Occupational Therapy and how it differs from other forms of OT for children. Learn what parents can expect from the therapy process and some common pediatric pelvic floor issues that parents might not be aware of and how can OT help address them!

Find out if there really is a “perfect age” for potty learning and how to approach potty learning with neurodivergent children. Learn all the signs for readiness for potty learning, the best foods and hydrational supports for your child’s digestion- plus so much more!

Quiara Smith has been practicing as an Occupational Therapist for over 13 years in both California and Hawaii, working in various settings and with infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents with various medical conditions and diagnoses. Realizing the social, emotional, and psychological challenges that pelvic floor dysfunction and toileting difference places on children and families, Quiara decided to narrow her private practice to exclusively treating children and adolescents with pelvic floor dysfunction and toileting challenges. In 2017, Quiara opened the very first boutique private Pediatric Pelvic Health Occupational Therapy practice of its kind in the United States.  She is an expert and pioneer in the field of Pediatric Pelvic Health Occupational Therapy. Quiara has created potty training courses for parents and caregivers, and has also created courses for healthcare providers focused on her holistic and integrative approach to pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction and toileting differences. Quiara is a national and international presenter and speaker on this specialty area of pediatric pelvic health OT practice.

Quiara’s online self-paced potty learning course offered through Tinyhood linked here.

Quiara’s 1:1 pediatric pelvic health parent coaching virtually and in person at her Santa Rosa, CA clinic website here.

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