If you’ve got potty training on your mind, then you’ve likely done some research around the gear you’ll need. You may have heard of potty chairs or toilet seat inserts, but have you ever heard of the Super Potty Trainer? It may sound like a magical chair that will have your child potty trained in no time, but before you run out and purchase it, read on as we discuss this potty training product with Quiara Smith, pediatric pelvic floor OT, and the expert that leads our potty training class, to find out what it is, who should use it, and what the pros and cons are.

Tinyhood: What is the Super Potty Trainer?
Quiara: The Super Potty Trainer is a seat reducer for regular size toilets, that allows children to feel more secure sitting on the toilet, without fearing that they will accidentally fall in. It also provides more trunk support for a child who is learning the new skill of using the toilet for bowel and bladder management.

Tinyhood: Who do you think should use the super potty trainer?
Quiara: Two types of children:
Children who prefer to use the regular toilet rather than the floor potty and do not like the use of toilet seat insert.
Children who have difficulties maintaining an upright position while seated on the toilet.

Tinyhood: What are some of the Pros of the Super Potty Trainer?
Quiara: It’s easily cleanable, provides trunk support to children who require it, and reduces the size of the toilet so children do not feel afraid they will fall in.

Tinyhood: What are some of the Cons of the Super Potty Trainer?
Quaira: Some cons of the Super Potty Trainer are:
It does not work with all toilets and toilet seats
It can cause children to lean on it for back support that may not necessarily need the extra support. This can cause them to then have issues with not maintaining an unsupported sitting posture on a regular toilet seat as they grow and develop.

Tinyhood: Are there any alternatives to the Super Potty Trainer?
Quiara: Yes, regular toilet seat inserts could be a good alternative, as one of the main selling points is that this can be used on the real toilet.

Tinyhood: Would you recommend the Super Potty trainer for kids to start potty training?
Quiara: I would recommend this product for children who have a hard time maintaining posture on their own, or those who are resistant to using the floor potty and/or a toilet seat insert.
But overall I would want the neurotypical child to continue to develop posture strength and control with sitting in an unsupported position (ie. no backrest sitting) while toilet/potty learning.

Overall, the Super Potty Trainer is best to use if your child has difficulties maintaining an upright position while seated on the toilet. If your child doesn’t have this problem, then it’s best to stick to a potty chair or toilet seat insert. To learn more about how to prepare for potty training, what gear you’ll need, and a step-by-step plan on how to potty train your child without the stress, check out our on-demand class, Potty Training: The Stress-Free Guide to Success. We’ll walk you through exactly how to teach your child to use the toilet on their own, plus how to address nights, naps, and how to handle any challenges that might come your way.